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It's a Didge

This masterpiece was written after living in Berlin for 5 years, inspired by the darkness of winter, the happiness of summer, the hardcore busking, festival shows, nightclubs, parks and the huge variety of people and cultures from all over the world.


Look at Me
Jumping on Parents Bed
By the Fire
The Cry For You
The Dragon
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Let’s Didgeri-Fucking-Do-It!


Whether you are a beginner, advanced or a professional, in just a few video sessions I will take you to the next level

Didge Samples Recordings

I know what it’s like – When you hear that Crazy Didgeridoo. And then when the sound stops you think: “Holy shit that’s exactly what I need for my project!”

You Deserve to be Human

Before you do all that complicated stuff you plan to do, I think you deserve to be a human being first. You see, I didn’t get to be a human being before doing complicated stuff: I learned how to play

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WTF is “busking”?

When you decide to travel the world, and for some weird reason you decide to make music everywhere you go on public places, you get to see the weirdest shit. It’s called busking, it is a 2000 year old art,

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