you live once. think once.

you live once.
think once.

"Everyone told me I am crazy, but it only made me more passionate"

I found myself one day giving out free strawberries at nature parties and raves: on my head – a strawberry hat, on my back – a strawberry cape, in one hand – a didgeridoo, and in the other hand – a crate of strawberries.

Everyone told me I’m crazy, but it only made me more passionate about doing what I love. I decided that day that I’m going to set an example of a person that followed through with his passion all the way!

On my 20th birthday, I thought to myself: Why only at parties and raves?

I went out to busy streets giving away free strawberries and playing my didgeridoo to everyone.On the first day, I had so much fun and earned so much money that the next day I quit my waiter job and since then I became the Strawberry Man.

From that day on, I have played all over the world in Germany, Australia, Israel, India, and New Zealand.

I have acquired more than 3000 hours of stage time in front of people everywhere: from busking in the streets to playing in living rooms, parties and big festivals. I got to perform with big artists including: Dub FX and Dario Rossi and I also got to participate in a TedX event in India with the famous Maati Baani Band.

In my time in Australia, I had the honor of staying with aboriginal people, who taught me about the origins of the didgeridoo and healing. In that time I lived with the spiritual leader of the Yolngu tribe, Djalu Guruwiwi, who adopted me as his brother and told me I have their blessing, and that it is my time to go out into the world and spread my message. (see docu in my YouTube channel link)

Wherever I find myself, people gather around listening to my stories and the unique sound of the Saxo-Didge.
In my show I talk about doing what you are passionate about, I tell stories about cheeky monkeys in India, fire spitting dragons, meditation and mindfulness.

For me, seeing someone smile/nod/laugh/ during my show is the meaning of existence: knowing that I inspire people to live stronger, more passionately, to do what they love, to understand the world better, and to feel better in their own skin – that fills me with inspiration and it is the reason I am alive.



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TedX India with Maati Baani:

Playing at Mauerpark on a bright Sunday morning, Kartik from Maati Baani fished me out of the park and we recorded some sounds for a video clip.
A few years later we found ourselves on stage in India together on a TedXGateway event playing one of the most complex musical pieces gathering artists from far away places of the world.

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Dub FX:

There was a time when I was looking for my purpose in life years ago, somewhere around that time I came across YouTube videos of DubFX busking on the streets, since then I became obsessed with beatboxing and decided to be a professional busker. I also had a dream since then: to perform with DubFX on stage, and what can I tell you – dreams come true.
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Dario Rossi:

Never met a guy with such humility, such a bright bald head and massive beard before! After a few months of busking for the first time in Berlin I came across this living legend, Dario Rossi playing on Warschauer Strasse, my ears caught his techno beats played on his professional rubbish drum kit, his eyes caught my Saxo-Didge and the rest is history.

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