Let’s Didgeri-Fucking-Do-It!

Let’s Didgeri-

They say a person needs about 10000 hours to become a master of something - I stopped counting after the first 10000 hours, and I am still learning more!

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I don’t just play didgeridoo for 10 years, I have been teaching all around the world for 8 years and have read & learnt a lot about psychology and communication – my students say I “get them” quickly and explain everything to them in their own language fast and effective in a good atmosphere with lots of fun and jokes.

Whether you are a beginner, advanced or a professional, in just a few video sessions I will take you to the next level:

If you are a BEGINNER:

  • Basic Techniques: Drone, Overtones, Ta-Ka-Ta-Ka, Vocals, Wak
  • Circular Breathing: How to (100% Success rate with any person)
  • Basic Exercises: How to understand and develop the muscles in your mouth
  • Basic Rhythms:  Triplets and Quarter notes

If you are ADVANCED:

  • Ask me about any rhythm I do, from any video\my album and I will break it down for you and teach you how to do it.
  • Secret exercises that helped me develop my unique sound
  • Have my number and ask questions after the lesson

I recommend getting many different teachers and taking the best from each one

I suggest learning only from people who are performing that also know how to teach, because that is a different thing from playing, and only ones that have recommendations from other people.

Just one secret I will already tell you now: if you practice, and practice smart, you can do anything, not just didgeridoo.

Oh and If you don’t have a Didgeridoo, I could send you one

Online Lessons are happening on WhatsApp Video Or Messenger Video
Online Lessons are happening on WhatsApp Video Or Messenger Video

Let’s Didgeri-Fucking-Do-It!

For any questions feel free to contact me 🍓